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There’s really nothing like a fuel crisis to spur innovation in the automotive industry.

More times than not that innovation doesn’t really amount to much but Dave Edmonson of Barnesville, MN figured he would try his hand at finally coming up with a solution to America’s fuel problems.

Edmonson’s contribution to American automotive history came in the form of a 700-lbs, 3-wheeled, single seater car that could technically be registered as a motorcycle, though it was more akin to a snowmobile. Labeled the Freeway and produced by High Mileage Vehicles Inc., this helmet shaped vehicle boasted a whopping 12-horsepower, 16-horsepower if ordered as a “sport” model, and reportedly got 84-mpg. The mini-car’s, or enclosed motorcycle if you will, engine was sourced from Tecumseh and was paired with a CVT transmission. To reduce weight, the body was made of fiberglass in which the color was molded. A total of four bright colors were offered – Blue, yellow, orange, and red. Additional options included an electric powered motor and a diesel powered engine, although few, if any, were actually produced.

HMV got its start in 1979, when the automotive industry was in turmoil. However, by the early 1980s the crisis was all but over and consumers were not as concerned with stretching the amount of miles a gallon of gasoline could take them. By 1982, HMV was belly up and filing for bankruptcy. In all a total of 700 Freeways were produced and the Freeway became an automotive oddity that is sure to garner some attention at car shows.

Vicari Auctions is offering enthusiasts the chance to add one of these little cars to their collection. This 1982 HMV Freeway appears to be in good condition. Inside you’ll find a black vinyl seat, a sport-style steering wheel, thich brown carpeting, a tape deck stereo, and a musical horn controller. To register to bid, just click here or if you would like to consign a car click here.

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