Day: June 28, 2020

The F-150 Reveal Is About More Than Lie-Flat Seats

From Car and Driver

  • Ford unveiled the fourteenth-generation F-150 this week, showcasing a luxurious new interior and a new hybrid powertrain.
  • This will be the first Ford vehicle to support over-the-air updates, part of a planned Ford strategy to save money on warranties and monetize customer data.
  • This type of software-based tracking and data monetization has been in the works at Ford for years.

The American automotive industry runs on pickups. They account for a huge proportion of the vehicles sold in this country every year (18 percent of new cars sold, in 2019), and their large profit margins make them even more important to manufacturers’ bottom lines. In the case of Ford, whose F-150 made up almost 40 percent of its sales in 2019 and whose bungled launch of the Explorer contributed to a dismal financial report last year, that goes double.

At first glance, the F-150’s quinquennial makeover

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