Day: April 1, 2021

Managing Data Privacy in the COVID-19 Environment

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a global market disruption across multiple industries, and manufacturers expect the pandemic to continue to affect the automotive industry through 2021. The pandemic has not slowed the technological innovations in the industry or the pace of increasing regulation affecting data privacy and security. In the midst of the pandemic, we saw significant changes to the privacy landscape, including a steady rise in California Consumer Privacy Act (the CCPA) litigation by private citizens, a successful ballot measure amending the CCPA to include significant new obligations for companies that often mirror those of the European General Data Protection Act (GDPR), and a major decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union in the so-called “Schrems II” impacting personal data transfers between the EU and the U.S., all of which impacts the automotive industry. As we have seen in recent years, consumer demand is

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