Day: July 27, 2021

HP Moves 3D Printing to the Automotive and Manufacturing Mainstream

Volkswagen’s use of 3D printing shows great promise for enduring parts and a more sustainable future.

VW 3D printing

The automotive industry isn’t known for rapid change, but it’s changing at an impressive rate of late. Pivoting hard away from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) technologies and electric propulsion is the most visible change. Still, behind the scenes, another transformation is taking place, the move to 3D printing for both metals and plastics driven by forward-looking companies on both fronts like Volkswagen.

The result of these trends will be a vastly more sustainable industry that provides potentially better long-term vehicle support, more variety, and, eventually, cars that drive you where you want to go.

HP just released a fascinating report on how massively 3D printing is changing a lot of industries. Still, Automotive stands out initially as the industry in the most need and the most aggressively moving to change forever what they

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