Day: May 19, 2022

FreightCar America: Very Encouraging Results (NASDAQ:RAIL)

foras05/iStock via Getty Images

It’s been just under two months since I put out my article where I recommended people avoid the shares of FreightCar America Inc. (NASDAQ:RAIL) but sell puts on the stock, and since then the shares are down about 15.7% against a loss of about 11.4% for the S&P 500. The company has reported earnings since, and there has been some very interesting insider activity, so I thought I’d update people on this name. I’ll work out whether or not I think it makes sense to buy at current prices by looking at these updated financials and by looking at the stock as a thing distinct from the underlying business. I’m also going to update investors on the short put trade I recommended because I imagine you’re collectively champing at the bit, excited to hear the latest in this unfolding drama.

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