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With cold weather, there are two options: put your bike away for the few months or gear up like a boss and brave the cold. This piece is for the later.

Have you ever wondered why your toes and finger tips are the first to feel the cold when the temperatures drop? Well, when your core starts to feel cold, your body goes into survival mode. Warm blood stops flowing into your extremities to keep the vital organs in your core warm. Scientists can explain it better but you get my gist.

 Thanks to technology, staying warm on your bike isn’t rocket science. With some adjustments you can easily ride through the cold. I am not talking about layering clothes up but going for quality instead of quantity. The modern cyclist can take advantage of heated garments that make use of rechargeable batteries.  Also, there are materials that lock out moisture and increase the ability to keep you warm on the go.

You can get all these garments in a motorcycle parts shop. Let’s dive into it.

Wearing all the jackets you own on a bike won’t be comfortable or practical. The heated jacket liner keeps you warm without locking your arms making it easy to ride. It’s designed to have a snug fit so as to fully optimize heat transfer whenever you turn it on.

  • Balaclava

The neck is my weak spot, I am sure it is for most riders too. However, it is usually left exposed to weather elements. You want your body to continue pumping warm blood to your brain, right? This item adds insulation to your helmet and it gives your neck the cover it needs. Plus it’s cheap.

  • Heated grips

You don’t want to be wearing bulky mitts as that will make it difficult to control your bike. Heated grips are my go-to solution in the cold season. They are made of rubber making it easy to grip and you can adjust the temperatures to the level you want.

  • Rechargeable heated gloves

I can’t ride with my fingers frozen. It’s almost impossible to operate my bike. Rechargeable heated gloves keep my hands warm. The one’s I have heat up in 30 seconds after turning them on. Get the ones that can keep the heat for 4-5 hours. You can take a cruise with them.

  • Heated base layer bottoms

The base layers provide real warmth as they are in direct contact with your skin. Consider synthetic undergarments as they retain heat and won’t trap moisture like cotton. This goes for pants, vests, and shirts.

By ev3v4hn