When an end of the week (and particularly a long end of the week!) is round the corner, every one of your arrangements should be set up to rest and unwind with your precious ones. Be that as it may, traveling at some super worn out spot, offering space to a million others, battling for parking spaces or elbowing outsiders out of your selfie (in light of the fact that touristy spots will undoubtedly be packed on ends of the week) – this ought not be your concept of a vacation.

For what reason do standard and unsurprising, when you can do an excursion throughout the end of the week?! In case you’re living in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, treat yourself and your family by driving down to any of these 5 famous places. 

Best place to visit by road from Dubai – Fujairah


The scuba-diving destination of UAE, Fujairah is one of the famous emirates of UAE and has a coastline only on the Gulf of Oman. Distance from Dubai to Fujairah is 184 KMs and Distance from Abu Dhabi is 300 KMs. The drive takes you through elevated mountains, and a few stunning towns that are spotted with mountain ranges. The roads from Dubai to Fujairah are ultra-smooth, and there are a few lodgings/eateries at proper interims making the adventure from Dubai to Fujairah simple and agreeable.

Here you can hire luxury car rental Dubai for your Road trip from Dubai to Fujairah.

2. Norway of Middle East – Visit Khasab

A crisp morning, a twisting yet smooth road specked with fjords and curious coves for camping, what might one be able to request more? This Dubai to Oman road trip is a standout amongst the greatest end of the weekend gateway from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Distance from Dubai to Khasab is 198.1 KMs and from Abu Dhabi to Khasab is 338.9 KMs. Khasab is an amazing and beautiful city that has been nicknamed the ‘Norway of the Middle East’, on account of various fjords. One tip however, regardless of whether an inhabitant of UAE or not, it is in every case great to cross-check whether you’re allowed to drive the vehicle in Oman. Likewise, ensure that you have every one of the reports convenient. Spots to see in and around Khasab: Oman Fjords, Khasab Castle, Khasab Fort.

3- Road trip to Liwa – Best Scenic Place


Distance from Dubai: 292kms. Distance from Abu Dhabi: 220 kms.

The Liwa Oasis is the large oasis are Located in the westran region of Abu Dhabi. Rent SUV Dubai or Abu Dhabi, put your favourite songs and head to the endless road, vast deserts area names as “the empty quarter” want to spend the night secluded hotel, Tilal Liwa, sitting right at the edge of the desert. Distance from Dubai to Liwa is 292 KMs and distance from Abu dhabi to Liwa is 220 KMs.

4- Visit the Beach Covered with Mountains – Dibba

Excursions give an extraordinary holding opportunity and a truly necessary reprieve from the tumultuous city life. Also, the laid-back pace and all encompassing perspectives are extra livens of taking off. Furthermore, when you plan your trek to the mainstream escape, Dibba, towards the UAE’s east coast, the prizes are significantly higher… No big surprise then this is a standout amongst the greatest end of the week excursions from Dubai by street! Do ensure you are conveying your international ID however, for Oman has a severe arrangement, no visa, no passage. Place to see around Dibba are Dadna Beach, Blue Planet Diving. Distance from Dubai to Dibba is 130 KMs and from Abu Dhabi to Dibba is 285 KMs. Hire some luxury car and enjoy you Road trip to Dibba.

5- Best Road Trip to Mountains – Jabel Hafeet 


A strong ascension that ascents 1,240 meters, rough limestones that have made due for a million years, and access to the UAE’s second most noteworthy pinnacle, the drive to Jebel Hafeet is very satisfying. Jebel Hafeet is the United Arab Emirate’s most elevated point and offers a huge grand perspectives on the neighboring desert, Oman and of the city of Al Ain. This faultless street was worked by Strabag International of Cologne, Germany, and with 3 paths and 60 turns; it is has been perceived as ‘most prominent driving street on the planet’ by Ensure you take breaks at suitable interims to respect the staggering perspectives on both the mountain and the environment.Places to see in and around Jebel Hafeet: Al Ain Palace, Al Ain Zoo. Distance from Dubai to Jabel Hafeet is 146 KMs and Distance from Abu Dhabi to Jabel Hafeet is 163 KMs.

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