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Millions of visitors visiting dubai every year, and they want to experience the lavish lifestyle of the grand city. As dubai offers so many attractions that one can never get bored once he visited the city, but one of the option is to drive luxury cars on the roads of the metropolis dubai. Luxury car rentals business is thriving big time due to the wealth that people are making while working here. Let say, you are on a vacation, and you want to travel around the city with style and comfort. You can hire either a taxi or you can rent a luxury car and travel like a royalty. If you have cash in your pockets then go for rent ferrari dubai services to feel the thrill and adventure.

So if you have made up your mind to rent ferrari in dubai? In this article, i will explain why ferrai 488 spider is the best rental car in dubai.


The 488 Spider isn’t the quickest Ferrari ever constructed. It’s not the most costly, the most restrictive, or the most dominant. Its 3.9-liter V8 is very little by supercar guidelines, just like its $280,000 sticker price. The LaFerrari is the brand’s lead, the 812 Superfast their eye-popping new V12, and the 1962 250 GTO (a flawless case of which as of late sold for $38 million) their sale floor champ.

Ferrari 488 Spider Cool Features

There are so many great features that this wondrous car offers but here I only mention 5 main reasons why you should opt for rent Ferrari dubai.


At the point when the 488 was presented in 2015, a few idealists release a meatball in the muddle. Unique as compare to each Ferrari before it, this new model used a turbocharger. (Or on the other hand, to be progressively exact, two of them.) “There will be turbo slack!” the irate hordes yelled. “It won’t seem like a legitimate Ferrari!” they howled. All things considered, they weren’t right.

Throttle reaction is instant, regardless of whether you’re beginning from a stop (0-60 occurs in less than 3 seconds) or nearing the 8,000-rpm redline (top speed is 205 mph, however, we didn’t twist it out in the seventh apparatus, sorry to learn). Despite the fact that the motor is littler than that of its non-suctioned ancestor, the amazing 458, it produces right around 100 more drive—661 contrasted and 570.

Furthermore, the sound? Gracious, dear God, the sound. Full and rich even at low speeds, rapidly dropping two or three riggings and gunning it for a couple of moments creates a heavenly high-pitch shout everybody should involvement with least once in their life. It’s amazing engine makes it an ideal luxury car to rent and driving around the roads beside desserts.


As mind-boggling as the motor sounds when the hard top is up, it merits taking the 14 seconds to drop the top and let the sweet music ring out as the great Lord planned. Because of the 488’s mid-motor design—which likewise keeps the vehicle flawlessly adjusted when bending through winding streets—the V8 is directly behind your head, guaranteeing you and your fortunate traveler don’t miss one note. Toss in the open-top magnificence of the sun and wind in your hair, and motoring just doesn’t beat that.

Most hard tops are substantial, cumbersome and make the vehicle they’re appended to look only a smidgen off. The Spider uses an ultra-light unbending hard top, which includes negligible weight (much obliged, aluminum!) while keeping up the vehicle’s streamlined, liquid lines. Regardless of the speed, when the rooftop was up I would’ve sworn I was in a car.

With respect to when the rooftop is down, Ferrari claims “drivers can without much of a stretch carry on an ordinary discussion at rates of more than 125 mph.” I for one don’t generally have a craving for visiting about the most recent scene of This Is Us when driving at offensive speeds, however, it’s incredible to realize that one can. You can imagine the thrill of renting ferrari in dubai, once you will drive with your girlfriend on a long route around the city. You can enjoy the awesome landscape and skyscrapers scenery from the rooftop.


What’s the purpose of having a topless Italian supercar on the off chance that you and your young lady can’t take an end of the week trip in it? The 488 Spider has an incredibly enormous front trunk, or “frunk,” with more than 8 cubic feet of room—that is sufficient space for two or three stuffed duffles and a suitcase or two. Of course, your portable baggage probably won’t fit in there, yet this is a Ferrari, not the Delta Shuttle.

Gracious, and should you be covetous of utilizing real gear (for what reason are you generally so burning at any rate?), Ferrari will offer you a set structured by craftsman Italian furniture creators Poltrona Frau that are estimated explicitly to fit into the 488’s frunk. No doubt about it, frunk is a great feature for any luxury vehicle as it provides the option to put your stuff for a long journey.  


Here’s the place everything meets up—the power, the taking care of, the capacity to hear the yells of “Oh my goodness!” as you drive by clueless walkers while the rooftop is down. The 488 Spider dependably feels perfectly, thanks in no little part to the variable modes you control directly from the guiding wheel. (This genuinely is a vehicle planned in light of the driver.)

While we, for the most part, kept it in the more forceful “race” mode, the capacity to change the suspension to a milder setting does ponder for your butt—particularly in case you’re compelled to fight with Manhattan’s FDR Expressway as were we. (Damn you, de Blasio!)

The 488 Spider is a road vehicle, made for cutting through nation streets or down the fundamental road at prime time to get looks. In case you’re keen on investing energy at the track, you’d be better off grabbing the 488 GTB, its fixed-rooftop sibling.

While the Spider could completely deal with anything a race course could toss at it—thank the double grasp transmission, versatile stuns that boost soundness, and LaFerrari-inferred Brembo brakes—this is a vehicle that was made to voyage through existence without a consideration on the planet. The ride experience is the main thing that Ferrari to other supercars.According to luxury car rental dubai, ferrari is the most sought out to rent alongside with Lamborghini. Because ferrari rental services are affordable in UAE. As people have cash in hand, they bother about rental prices. They just want to have the fun of the lifetime while driving this marvelous car.  


This year points the 70th commemoration of the absolute first Ferrari, the 125 S, moving off the line in Modena, Italy. As far back as at that point, no car marque—actually, no other formal person, place or thing—employs similar meanings of speed, excellence, and eliteness as Enzo Ferrari’s namesake organization. The 488 Spider is an imperative connection in-the-chain of this legacy, yet in addition to the later convention of the brand’s mid-motor V8 roadsters.

The 308 GTS made its introduction at the 1977 Frankfurt Motor Show, with a removable targa top, a 2.9-liter V8, and a heart-halting structure that remained as a glaring difference to the ambling enormities out and about at the time. Today, the model is best known as Magnum, P.I’s. most notable non-mustache frill—or, for Cannonball Run fans—as the vehicle Sammy Davis Jr. what’s more, Dean Martin crossed the nation in while dressed as ministers.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is a place where luxury car rental prices are cheap as compare to other countries and this is the main reason people rent luxury cars here. Ferrari is not an only option, you can rent lamborghini in dubai as well other lavish cars like Rolls-Royce, Audi, Bentley, and Maclaren. So it’s up to your budget and personal which car brand you want to rent. As i have mentioned about the great points why you should rent ferrai 488 spider in dubai. Happy traveling and Renting!

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