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Managing Data Privacy in the COVID-19 Environment

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a global market disruption across multiple industries, and manufacturers expect the pandemic to continue to affect the automotive industry through 2021. The pandemic has not slowed the technological innovations in the industry or the pace of increasing regulation affecting data privacy and security. In the midst of the pandemic, we saw significant changes to the privacy landscape, including a steady rise in California Consumer Privacy Act (the CCPA) litigation by private citizens, a successful ballot measure amending the CCPA to include significant new obligations for companies that often mirror those of the European General Data Protection Act (GDPR), and a major decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union in the so-called “Schrems II” impacting personal data transfers between the EU and the U.S., all of which impacts the automotive industry. As we have seen in recent years, consumer demand is

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Panasonic, McAfee team up to tackle vehicle cybersecurity

Panasonic and McAfee are joining forces to establish a vehicle security operations center (SOC) to tackle the ongoing threat of cyberattacks. 

Announced on Tuesday, the new partnership involves both companies jointly creating an SOC to “commercialize vehicle security monitoring services,” with a specific focus on early detection and response.  

Smart and intelligent vehicle features, now becoming more common in new models, require connectivity. This is usually established through Bluetooth and internet connections, which — unless properly protected — can also give attackers a chance to establish a foothold into a vehicle’s system. In addition, software vulnerabilities can also be exploited to tamper with a car’s functionality. 

While everything from machine learning-based driver assistance, maps, and entertainment apps are being developed in the automotive industry to appeal to modern drivers, cybersecurity is not necessarily being given the same attention — a gap Panasonic and McAfee aim to plug. 

This isn’t

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Uber Stock and its Investors

SoftBank sells $2 billion in Uber stock as services recover | The Japan  Times

Many investors are trading the uber stock to gain profit for them and also to increase the value of their shares. Some of the major investors of buyers include Norges bank, LLC, Dara khosrowshahi and others. Some of the major investors of sellers are tony west, Hillhouse Capital advisors, renaissance technologies etc. Uber stocks can be bought with the help of brokerages like Webull and other brokers. It has a market capitalisation of 14.15$ billion and it earns a profit of 6.81$ per share basis. All over the world, nearly 23,000 people are working for Uber Technologies. People can approach the official website of Uber It is headed in market street, San Francisco. People can email [email protected] to buy the stock. Some of the Key competitors are ViSA, Master Card, Costar Group, eBay and so on. Its Key executives are Dara, Derek, Garettt, Sundeep, Nikki, Jill and Nelson. They … Read More