Have you at any time noticed concrete challenges? If you took a stroll outdoors now I would say you have. Primarily in the locations of the U.S. with freezing temperatures. We all know about how the freeze thaw cycles outcome concrete and when one particular places a patching product down it only does not previous a winter year. So what generally happens is a routine maintenance employees member will use far more of the identical material as soon as the weather warms up.

Would not it be good if a single could put down a material once and have that materials last for extra than a person year? Consider an exterior stairway at a searching shopping mall. Right after a long time of the freeze thaw cycle and salt staying used to the stairs in the wintertime the concrete is eroding absent. Now arrives a person of two alternatives for the functions manager. Selection 1 is to hire a contractor to appear in and repair that stairwell utilizing completely ready mix concrete or a Portland cement patching materials. Choice two is to have inner workers make the mend making use of a polymer modified content.

Now we will assess both of those options. Its excellent when a contractor can estimate a career and comprehensive the maintenance for a decreased charge than possessing to switch an whole stairway. Your dilemma will come when the winter season arrives, since the bond on concrete to concrete is not strong adequate and when your freeze thaw cycle happens and your chloride sinks into the surface area your restore is not going to very last far more than a couple yrs. Now there are techniques to secure the concrete from chloride attack and approaches to get a more robust bond to your surface but some contractors are anxious with income and will make that shortcut more generally than not.

When applying non cement polymer substance these types of as the Enecon Duraquartz a single will not have to get worried about bond strengths or chloride resistance. The product can hold up to the chloride in the wintertime and has a bond energy that is so powerful that it can’t be damaged without having ripping out present concrete in the system. What about a curbs in a parking lot? The content is approximately 4 situations as strong as standard concrete which usually means when a mend with standard patching content has unsuccessful the Duraquartz will not.

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