Currently we want to share the findings from one more study. Goal was to figure out what form of ladies generate Toyota Prius. We have randomly selected and questioned 200 Prius’ female proprietors across the nation out of which 133 responded to our questionnaire. Remember to observe that we knew absolutely nothing about participant’s age, position of residence, social status or year of Toyota Prius they are driving. The only assortment conditions were possession of Toyota Prius and currently being single. One of the study queries was to affirm that the woman at the moment owns Toyota Prius. Underneath are the concerns we have asked and the answers we’ve acquired.

1. What do you do if your to start with time date spills beer inside your Toyota Prius?

a) Convey to him not to worry about that and clear the spill. 42% b) Talk to him nicely to be a lot more careful subsequent time and clean the spill. 33% c) Get a minimal ticked off and convey to him to thoroughly clean the spill. 17% d) Get genuinely upset and ask him to get out of the auto. 8%

2. Your 2nd time warm day wishes to acquire you to a drag auto racing tonight and your buddy has invited you to sign up for her at a “Preserve Our Earth Green” 20 mile rally exactly where only hybrid autos are allowed. What would you do?

a) Go to a drag motor vehicle racing. 52% b) Go to “Keep Our Earth Green” 20 mile rally. 48%

3. You just bought by yourself a brand name new Toyota Prius and your to start with time blind day displays up at your doorway to decide on you up in his Hummer H-1. What is your response?

a) You say absolutely nothing and get into his Hummer 19% b) You politely offer him to take you Prius in get to preserve some fuel income 58% c) You provide him to acquire your Prius and preach to him about staying inexperienced and preserving our atmosphere. 17% d) You shut the doorway in his face and by no means communicate to him again. 6%

4. The woman who’s seeking to steal your boyfriend is driving a bicycle and is about to crash into your shiny green Toyota Prius. You see she’s likely to strike your vehicle in a subject of seconds so what do you do?

a) You do and say absolutely nothing and enable her crash into your Toyota Prius. 48% b) You see her coming and you open up the door so the crash is even additional extreme. 18% c) You see her coming and yell to her consideration so she will not strike your car. 34%

5. The man you truly like and assume he is the a single tells you that he hates Toyota Prius. What is your reaction?

a) You get into heated argument hoping to improve his brain about Prius. 37% b) You dismiss his feedback, preserve driving Prius and keep relationship the man. 41% c) You dump him the minute he helps make that remark. 18% d) You talk to him what sort of motor vehicle he would prefer you would be driving and then you go and trade in your Toyota Prius for that auto. 4%

We imagine this survey brings some anticipated results. Women even if they like their Priuses also significantly when forced to selected amongst their guy or Prius go with the to start with a person. But when pressured to select between some great lead to function such as “Keep Our Earth Eco-friendly” 20 mile rally or observing drag motor vehicle racing with their boyfriends females have a tendency to be near to 50/50 on their conclusion. And the previous point from the survey is that most gals will sacrifice their Priuses for a prospect to provide down their feminine competition.

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