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With an overall value surpassing $750 billion, the American auto industry has inspired the entrepreneurial spirit of countless businesses and individuals eager for a piece of the pie. Just as well, the sector has quickly become one of the nation’s most attractive areas for public investment with the advent of eclectic and autonomous vehicles. This rapid growth has served to highlight an age-old issue that has become characteristic of most areas of the US economy; inequality.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some anti-capitalist call to arms. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Where independent car dealers once fought tooth and nail to compete against the hegemony of enterprise-level dealerships, now they are quickly adapting and becoming poised to give corporate America a run for its money. This is largely due to help from some of the latest tech advances to reach their lots – namely, the game-changing auto CRM solution that has been developed DealerPeak, CarDog, whose full breadth of capabilities and value can be better understood by visiting

1.) Mobile Management

DealerPeak, the parent company of CarDog, has established itself as a brand capable of tackling some of the most pervasive issues impacting the day-to-day operations of dealerships across the country. With the launch of CarDog, their newest CRM solution, such a reputation is continuing to prove true, now more than ever. CarDog is the first automotive CRM ever created to specifically cater to the independent and used-car dealership community. Beyond equipping this particular sect of dealerships with enterprise-level tools that allow them to compete with their larger competitors, CarDog’s true value lies in its mobile-friendly platform. With the click of a button, dealers can manage their business from anywhere in the world. Whether it be reviewing inventory, customer relations, data analytics, trades and appraisals, or employee communication, the CarDog CRM caters to the dealer’s every need. Perhaps the greatest power provided by the mobile platform though is its full-scale marketing capabilities, and for good reason!

2.) New Age Marketing Capabilities

This pandemic has made it plainly clear the auto buying experience is quickly changing. No longer will consumers have to visit dealerships in person in order to secure the purchase of a car. Instead, the purchasing experience is shifting to an online retail space wherein buyers can enjoy the process of car shopping from the convenience and comfort of their own home. As more dealerships continue to phase varying portions of their sales operations to an online platform, traditional marketing methods will become increasingly obsolete. CarDog helps these dealers to create and maintain a professional online presence through the use of its website management and target marketing tools. Such tools not only fill the void left by outdated

marketing tactics, but successfully drive interested online traffic and leads to a dealer’s website. Here, they can then learn about the company’s latest deals and offerings for a possible purchase.

3.) Maximizing Profits & Closing More Deals

Be it true or not, many people believe the larger auto chains can expedite the car buying process, allowing buyers to spend less time working through paperwork and waiting for approval and more time inside their new vehicle. Cognizant of this commonly held notion, CarDog equips dealers with some of the fastest and most efficient conversion software on the market. CarDog helps to reduce the headaches and frustration associated with working a deal. The mobile technology allows sales associates to pull data, input finance info, swap applicants, and show customers figures to push forward to sales managers for quicker approval. All of this makes for a speedier customer conversion process and, more importantly, helps dealerships to close more deals and make more money.

All are welcome to reach out to DealerPeak to learn more about CarDog, as well as the various other CRM solutions offered by the company. Be it a multi-national operations or a family-owned used car dealership, we have the right technology to help any team maximize their profitability and perform on a whole new level.

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