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TAIPEI, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At the beginning of 2021, FIC Global won the CES 2021 Innovation Awards of AR HUD design, which attracted the attention of automotive industry. Same year, FIC AR HUD augmented reality head up display product won the honor and affirmation of the International Innovation Award (IIA) again. At GMT+8 3:30 p.m. on December 9th, 2021, International Innovation Summit and Award Ceremony held by Enterprise Asia announced the most outstanding awarded enterprises in Asia.

FIC AR HUD augmented reality head up display product won the honor and affirmation of the IIA...
FIC AR HUD augmented reality head up display product won the honor and affirmation of the IIA 2021 International Innovation Awards.

Among them, FIC group has been effectively providing innovative design, proving of passing numerous international driving regulations and certifications for OE market, breakthrough engineering technology, and solved all the pain points related to driving safety assistance worried by drivers, car manufacturers and Tier1.

After passing all evaluation processes reviewed by five senior judges from automotive industry, FIC finally stood out from more than 160 entries in 24 different industries from 30 countries and won the award of AR HUD product design of IIA (International Innovation Awards) in 2021.

The fact is that FIC has won 2 international big awards within the same year, and it is a proven record of telling people that the AR HUD products developed by FIC can surely deliver a wide range of potential usages in the future car design.

Mr. Leo Chien, the president of FIC Global, said at the previous Investor Conference, “With the continuous innovation and development of automotive electronic technology, driving safety is always the most significant matter to drivers. In order to meet this demand, it is very important to keep the driver’s attention on the road. Therefore, we not only continue to do the right things, but also benefit the society, solve the dangerous situation that may be caused by frequent head bending situation during driving, which I believe will surely reduce the traffic accidents in the city.”

Mr. Alex Dee, the general manager of the Innovative Business department of FIC Group, also said that “We have been investing in the research and development of AR HUD for five years now, using LBS (laser beam scanning) as a light source is the best solution, it’s not like TFT, DLP or LCos, it can provide the characteristics of high contrast, high resolution and over 20,000 nits sunlight readable brightness supports. It also can project more stable and clear virtual images without using any special films, or special glass design, or showing optical window, light diffusion, or ghost, or causing dizziness, shaking images, and preventing from lacking of components for mass production.

Whether it encounters under strong natural light, cloudy rain or heavy fog during driving under the crucial environments and conditions, the virtual images can still be clearly integrated with the road environment in reality, completely providing the road safety information covering three lanes of the road.

The future car will not only be a mobile carrier, but will be the concept of AR mobile office or even AR mobile residence, especially in L5 autonomous era. The AR HUD imaging content in the car will be fully covered not only the front windshield, but also the side window, and the technology provided by FIC will be good enough to meet the request of combination and interaction of virtual reality world in the car.

Passengers can enjoy shopping, chatting with online friends, interacting with pedestrians, joining meeting, watching movies, or playing video games on their ways to the destinations. This is not a concept or a dream, it’s what FIC will be able to deliver in the nearly future, which is so-called the portal of in-vehicle metaverse by FIC.

In the future, passengers riding in self driving cars will no longer need to wear any headsets or devices, and will be able to feel as if they are in a virtual reality world while in the car. Among others all, FIC is the one having profound potential to make all this happen in short period of time, and being a part of transformation revolutionary player in car industry.

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