LONDON, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leading automotive PR and communications agency Influence Associates today launches the world’s first communications consultancy solely dedicated to e-mobility and the technologies transforming the automotive world.

Influence emobilty, headquartered in the UK, will operate and develop as a separate entity, sitting alongside Influence Associates, which will continue to grow and serve its broad range of existing clients in the global automotive industry.

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Stuart Dyble, Founder Influence and CEO Influence emobility¬†“This is the perfect time to launch a strategic PR and communications consultancy entirely dedicated to e-mobility.The future is accelerating fast. The automotive industry is changing rapidly. We’re on a journey to an electrified, connected and increasingly autonomous future. The vehicles we drive, the way we buy and own them, the way we use them, the cities in which we drive and the grids we connect to. A revolution is happening faster than we ever imagined.”

“Influence is a pioneer in¬†communicating e-mobility. When Influence Associates was created twelve years ago our founding clients were a NASDAQ listed lithium-ion battery company and a Norwegian EV company. Since then we have gone on to work for Tesla, helped launch Volvo’s first EV and played a key role in electric motorsport, as well as defining, communicating and building the brands of countless global e-mobility technology companies. With the rapid acceleration of electrification, now is the time to use the knowledge and expertise we have developed in a consultancy entirely dedicated to promoting and advancing the businesses, enterprises and people dealing with e-mobility and the technologies transforming our industry and world.

“We are ideally placed to assist brands to develop a wining communications approach and also advise on their overall e-mobility strategy.”

Influence emobility will offer its expertise to a broad range of e-mobility companies, enterprises and people. From electric vehicle manufacturers, to those providing autonomous and connected technologies. From EV fleets, infrastructure companies, energy providers and smart city planners to emotorsports, evtruck and ebike businesses.


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