What is the origin of rely on? According to dictionaries, it is the perception in honest, good, and dependable attributes that any person or anything has. In accordance to Mercedes-Benz and their slogan “Vans you can have confidence in”, this is the guarantee that was supplied far more than 100 many years in the past and has under no circumstances been damaged considering the fact that then.

It all started off in 1896, when Gottlieb Daimler, a co-founder of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, resolved the potential of products transportation by providing the world’s initial truck. The truck was in essence a motorized cart, outfitted with a 2-cylinder “Phoenix” motor designed into the rear stop. The engine unit produced 4 hp from a capacity of 1.1 liters and offered the electric power for 1500 kg of payload.

In 1923 an additional German car engineer, Karl Benz, made a 4-cylinder diesel truck motor. His firm, Benz & Cie, was the initially to launch sequence creation of diesel motors for business vehicles. Soon following in 1926 Daimler and Benz merged their corporations to create vehicles, motor vehicles and inner combustion engines. All the machines, which include trucks, begun to bear the Mercedes-Benz name and carry the 3-pointed star emblem. Meanwhile, all the diesel engines that were being doing work on small-quality gas, attained the “OM” index, which stands for “olmotor”, which means oil motor.

The production rates knowledgeable a gradual increase in the post-war era. Initially, the manufacturer supplied an impressive lineup of the L- and N-sequence vans. Then, in 1970s the taxi-more than-motor variations replaced the typical kinds, when Mercedes-Benz launched its NG (New Generation) truck range. Just after a ten years it was succeeded by the new SK (weighty-duty) types. Since the mid 90s the business has began to give specific names to all of its auto sequence.

The well-known Actros

The prime-providing extensive-distance segment is now represented by the Actros vans. The new era product range excites with the variants of car configurations and taxi variations, as very well as diversified possibilities of driveline and productive protection attributes. All in all, it gives a price tag-productive tactic for additional tailor-made remedies.

Presenting each possible convenience inside of the taxi the producer is guided by the driver’s pleasure instead than by luxurious. The prime issue is that a additional calm driver is a safer driver.

The Actros is accessible with a option of 4 engine displacements and 16 energy ratings that deliver from 238 hp to 625 hp. As promised by the brand, every single engine device is designed to deliver maximums of gas performance, torque and driveability and minimums of sound and emissions. Aside from conserving on gas, the engines are empowered to lessen AdBlue consumption and total upkeep prices.

The technologies that backs up the performance of the Actros truck contains 4 teams of units: Braking, Assistant, Safety and Economic climate.

The company’s assure of unsurpassed reliability results in lengthy-everyday living operation, testified by sellers and buyers who entrust their business to Mercedes-Benz Actros vehicles. It truly is typical knowledge that this is one particular of the leading gives in the variety of major-responsibility vans on 2nd-hand marketplaces.

The effective Antos

Weighty-duty distribution is the task space for the Antos vans. This offer is formulated particularly for shipping function from 18 t upwards. The array of purposes handles grocery transportation, tanker or dry-bulk haulage, as perfectly as retail supply expert services. In addition to all the efficiency- and protection-boosting capabilities from the Actros lineup, the distribution design variants are geared up according to payload-delicate and volume-oriented haulage requirements.

The efficient Atego

The Atego truck styles characterize the light and medium duty solutions for distribution and building applications. Its payload variants vary from 6.5 t to 16 t. The Atego engine providing includes 2 engine displacements and 7 ability rankings, creating from 156 hp to 299 hp.

The earnings in both distribution and building spheres particularly count on operational performance. For this motive, all the vans in the line feature a solitary entry phase, delivering effortless entrance. Also, city and inter-city distribution can advantage from simplified cross taxi accessibility through particular displacement of the handbook gearshift (on the dashboard). With regard to design functions, the performance is enlarged with crew taxi alternatives and all wheel travel models.

The strong Arocs

But when it comes to definitely tough design get the job done, then Mercedes-Benz provides to have faith in its unique cars in the Arocs product range. To assure the toughest jobs, the designers produced a entirely galvanised cab, strengthened further more with the flexible large power body. Other than, the creators declare that this is carried out devoid of compromising on financial state, as they managed to merge large payloads and excellent trustworthiness with the lowest operating expenses achievable.

The adaptable Econic

Whether employed for interior city distribution and airside duties or in tight rural destinations, as a refuse collection or as a fireplace appliance, the Econic truck presents excellent manoeuvrability and visibility. The small entry taxi serves for quick, effective and secure entry/exit to aid labour-intensive functions, although the panoramic home windows promise unrivalled visibility to the front and sides. There are 2 diesel electric power units available (with the output of 299 hp or 354 hp), accountable for thoroughly clean operation.

Typically speaking, all the Mercedes-Benz’s models demonstrate the firm’s slogan concerning believe in and the slogan in transform penetrates all the company’s initiatives.

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