By James Broughton, November 1, 2022

The present day F1 energy device is sophisticated engineering pushed to the incredibly limitations of recognized tolerances. The existing generation 1.6-litre V6-turbo hybrids are the Mount Everest of effectiveness, that is to say, you may possibly nicely have ascended to the best, but the descent is equally as challenging. The engines build a enormous 1,000hp. Latest engine development is halted right up until new electric power models get there with new motor restrictions in 2026.

But that is then, the now is still related. Just one of the vital factors in a 2022 F1 motor is the MGU-K device which is embedded into the motor. It’s type of like an electrical turbocharger, permit me place it this way. With a traditional mechanical turbo exhaust gas is directed to the turbo device which then spools the turbines and generates added electric power. Nevertheless, the MGU-K is considerably far more controllable than a traditional turbo.

The MGU-K functions in a similar way to a turbo in that it collects squander vitality of some type. The MGU-K’s turbo-boosting is generated by kinetic braking forces which is then gathered as electrical electricity. This vitality is stored and deployed at the driver’s command. The MGU-K is right linked to the engine’s crank. In any case Mercedes F1 MD explains all.

Mercedes F1 MGU-K explained

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