The Most Common Failure of the Star Titan Scaler is the Rotor – and this is a Fix you can make In House – Without any Exclusive Equipment or Machines.

If the Rotor Fails, the Star Titan Scaler emits a Very low Pitch “Burbling” Audio and Electrical power Minimizes Drastically. To Replace the Rotor:

Scaler Disassembly

  1. Take away the Suggestion From The Star Titan Scaler.
  2. Then Take away the Scaler from the Air Offer.
  3. Take out the Nose. Hand Power Ought to be Enough to Eliminate the Nose, Turning it in a Counter-Clockwise Direction, Unscrew the Nose & Eliminate By Hand. Spot the Nose In The Ultrasonic Cleaner
  4. The Metallic Tube that is now Remaining Exposed is the Spindle. Using your Fingers, Remove the 2 Large Spindle O-rings from the Entrance of the Scaler Spindle & discard. (All O-rings should be replaced).
  5. Clear away the Most important Housing. The Main Housing is The Part Closest To the Uncovered Spindle. Hand Strength Must be Adequate to Take out the Key Housing. Location the Key Housing into the Ultrasonic as very well.
  6. On the lookout Toward the Base of the Primary Spindle, you will now see the Rotor Surrounded by Quad Rings. (There are Two Key Variants of the Rotor Location of the Spindle. One has 4 Quad Rings and the other has 2 Quad Rings. Make a be aware as to your configuration.
  7. Slide the Top Quad Rings Up (To the Front of the Spindle) and Off.
  8. Slide the Rotor Off.
  9. Get rid of the Remaining Quad Rings. Discard the Quad rings and Rotor. These are Mandatory Substitute Areas.
  10. Wipe the Spindle Down with a 2 x 2 Prep Pad.

Scaler Reassembly

  1. Open up your Rebuild Kit. Depending on your Configuration, Position 1 or 2 Quad Rings Around the Spindle and Slide them into the Quad Ring Grooves at the Base of the Spindle.
  2. Slide the New Rotor On to the Spindle
  3. Slide he Remaining Quad Rings (also Positioned into the Quad Ring Grooves).
  4. Take out the Components from the Ultrasonic Cleaner Rinse them well and Dry Completely. Use the Air from your Syringe to Dry the Inside of the Factors.
  5. Spot a Fall of Oil on to the Threads to Ease Set up, and then Screw the Primary Housing Again on to the Base Until Hand Limited.
  6. Put the 2 entrance Spindle O-rings more than the Uncovered Spindle and Slide right until they are Resting Versus the Principal Housing.
  7. Set up Nose. Slide the Nose About the Exposed Key Spindle then Screw the Nose in a Clockwise Path Until finally Hand Restricted.

Your Star Titan Scaler is now completely ready to go back again to perform for you. If Electricity is Insufficient following Changing the Rotor, Disassemble Again, Slide the Rotor Off and Reverse it.

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