Meet the queer mechanics working to repair a ‘toxic industry’

After eight years and almost twice as many jobs, El Scherker was done with the auto industry — or at least, that’s what they thought.

Scherker, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, grew up with a grandmother who epitomized the power of DIY. With her help, Scherker quickly learned how to fix up an old Chevy van, fell in love with the process and decided to pursue a career in auto repair. But in shop after shop, their experience was largely characterized by transphobic harassment and confrontation, and it took a toll.

Scherker hit their breaking point in 2013. They sold most of their tools and took a job at a coffee shop in Seattle, where tips were good and cars were irrelevant. But, like most detours, it didn’t last long. About a year later, after fixing a co-worker’s car, they found themselves once again in an auto shop, and this time

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Camera Car Picks Up Odd Jobs To Make Ends Meet During Coronavirus

Something to lighten the mood during this adverse situation.

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world in a halt. The automotive industry, for example, has been greatly affected in many parts of the world, not just in sales but also in manufacturing due to plant shutdowns.

As of date, there are 4.7 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide, which resulted in 285,000 deaths. 1.45 million has recovered from the disease, thankfully. Several countries have flattened the curve in their own way, but there are some that still need to take action, including the United States.

While a lot of automakers have resumed or have announced the resumption of operations amid easing of the lockdown, there are still many industries that face challenges, including the film industry.


To lighten up the mood, Jeff Hartman from Facebook has posted a short film about a camera car finding odd jobs to make ends

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