2021 BMW M4 Coupe Reveals Controversial Front Design In Spy Photo

Look past the grille and you’ll see other differences compared to the regular 4.

The new BMW M4 is one of the worst kept secrets of the automotive industry considering we’ve seen our fair share of hugely revealing spy shots. Add another one as a member of the Bimmer Post forums has shared an image of what’s likely a pre-production prototype without any camouflage whatsoever. While the shape and size of the grille itself is not a surprise, you will notice the kidneys have horizontal slats replacing the intricate mesh of the lesser 4 Series Coupe models.

In our opinion, the front bumper design doesn’t look necessarily more aggressive than the one reserved for the M440i xDrive model, which is a bit of a surprise. The sides of the bumper are hosting vertical vents, although it remains to be seen whether those are actually functional to cool the brakes or

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Epic’s Tim Sweeney reveals a more connected, ‘Fortnite’-driven, game-unified world

Epic Games created a mock PlayStation 5 game to show off its Unreal Engine 5. <span class="copyright">(Epic Games)</span>
Epic Games created a mock PlayStation 5 game to show off its Unreal Engine 5. (Epic Games)

Pandemic-era previews of next-generation home console games have been sporadic and short so far, but “Fortnite” creator Epic Games has offered a glimpse at what a game running on Sony’s PlayStation 5 could look like. Unveiling an update to the public for its game creation suite the Unreal Engine on Wednesday, the North Carolina company pulled back the curtain on the potential future of games, showcasing a tech demo of a fictional “Tomb Raider”-esque game.

Epic’s key promise is that its Unreal Engine 5, due in early 2021, will essentially render cinematic-quality, CGI-like effects in real time, complete with realistic lighting that had previously been more hardware-driven. Even in the current generation of high-tech games there’s a difference between strictly narrative scenes and game-play moments. But eventually, promises Epic, those barriers will be

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