A Total Of Zero New Cars Were Sold In India Last Month

The coronavirus pandemic’s hurting the industry real bad.

The new coronavirus pandemic has been a menace to the world ever since the disease started to spread early this year. As of date, there are 3.34-million tallied cars worldwide, resulting in around 240,000 casualties.

With strict lockdowns and preventive measures in place, mobility is absent and businesses have been hampered. One of the biggest industries that are getting pummeled is the automotive industry, of course. With a drastic drop in demand, as well as the complete closure of dealerships, auto sales have been taking a hard hit. That’s the exact case that has been happening in India.

India’s Business Today reported that the country sold zero passenger cars for the month of April. Yes, that isn’t a typo – India’s $120 billion automotive industry registered zero sales last month amid lockdowns and astringent measures to curb the spread of coronavirus,

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Walter Reuther’s family says of the UAW icon: ‘He never sold out.’

Walter Reuther is known as the man who gave birth to the UAW, helped create the middle class and fought for civil rights.

He often paid a price for it. He was beaten senseless by company thugs on an overpass near Ford’s River Rouge Plant in 1937 for handing out flyers. He also survived two assassination attempts.

But he introduced the notion of profit-sharing to factory workers and was a noted civil rights leader, even standing alongside Martin Luther King Jr. during the famous 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, D.C. 

“His philosophy was ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ and we’re all here to help each other out, the goal is not to make a lot of money,” Bruce Dickmeyer, Reuther’s son-in-law, told the Free Press. “He never made more than $31,000, even when presidents of smaller unions were making over $100,000.”

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