Teijin Ltd. is investing in diverse areas of technological development as a company that is deeply involved in the automotive industry and committed to supporting the ongoing shift toward autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) vehicles and mobility as a service (MaaS). In response to market demand for increasingly sustainable, safe, and connected mobility, Teijin is already engaged in numerous initiatives aimed at helping the automotive industry evolve.

Beyond Teijin’s extensive expertise in materials and manufacturing, the company has holistic experience in designing and executing CASE- and MaaS-inspired vehicles, including the zero-emission, low-speed EV co-developed with Australian startup Applied Electric Vehicles. Teijin and Applied EV recently unveiled the LS-EV, a product of collaborative undertakings they kicked off in 2019.

In addition, Teijin is investing in more high-speed pursuits as a partner of the Envision Virgin Racing Formula E team, which is competing in the world’s first fully electric, single-seater racing series, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. A partner of the team since January 2020,Teijin is exploring this and other opportunities to develop lightweight, high-performance automotive components that help to extend the design freedom required for next-generation automobiles. Such undertakings also provide opportunities to promote increased awareness of the Teijin brand in related industries.

The Teijin Mobility Online website showcases many high-performance materials and advanced processing technologies. The PU_PA III concept car incorporates numerous advanced materials and technologies, such as a rear display made with Teijin’s Panlite polycarbonate resin, a front grill made with Panlite treated with a water-repellent hard coating to protect sensors from dirt and scratches, and a steering wheel horn pad and door trim made from a light-transmitting artificial leather that combines a luxurious finish with a smart capability for displaying messages only when necessary. Teijin Mobility Online also introduces Teijin’s multi-material battery box made with lightweight composites for lower vehicle weight and increased safety, and tires made with Twaron para-aramid fiber to combine extra-large diameters with extra-thin layers of rubber, ideal for electric vehicles.

By ev3v4hn