Married but Looking – Is it really the Right Kind of Wrong?

It’s never been a new issue; there are a lot of people who are married but looking. They are attached to a person but still looking for another outlet to satisfy their needs. Well, there can be many types of needs. It can be emotionally, sexually, or financially. As each people differ, and so with their needs. The problem arose when the needs are kept hidden, when it’s eventually imploded and ruin the relationship.

The Very Thin Line

Basic morality will tell you that dating a married man is wrong in any sense, one should not be married and looking. No matter what the excuse. You could fall in love with him or the other way around. Or maybe there’s another underlying reason for the affair. But there’s no point in trying to justify what you two are doing. And to complicate matters, what if you are also a married person? Maybe you’re also one of the married but lonely people here. There are many chances that you get involved in an affair without realizing it. He can be someone from work, or a random person you met online. And knowing that you have a chance for an affair; will you come across the bridge or stay on your side?

The Affair from being Married but Lonely

married but alone

Married seeking married seems to be no longer a taboo term. Somehow, people are more permissive about this kind of affair instead of a married person with a single. There are a lot of married chat platforms to accommodate this affair. The member’s anonymity is well guarded and the affair can be a simple one night stand or a series of many months long affair. Another interesting fact is that these affairs are mostly started as simple interracial dating, instead of married people seeking each other.

When you feel like you’re married but lonely, you need to seek counsel first. Try to find out the cause of your loneliness. Is it because you two are a busy couple, or is there any other issue? Maybe he doesn’t allow you to work, or you have to move around a little bit more often. Moving can be depressive. If it’s possible talk it out with your spouse, tell him about your feeling and try to work out the relationship together.