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16 Conclusions on another quiet and uneventful Premier League final day

Final-day Barclays is routinely the very best Barclays and that was a vintage slice. City produced a title-winning conclusion mad enough to be the second maddest final day they’ve had, while Leeds leapfrogged Burnley to avoid the drop and, most astonishingly of all, Spurs never even threatened to Spurs things up for a single second as they cruised back into the Champions League…


1. “I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again.” So, is Martin Tyler a great big massive liar or what? I guess technically he’s in the clear because, absurd as Manchester City’s latest wildly improbable final-day title-clinching comeback victory was, and as hard as this fact is to process given the scale of the drama, at no point were City ever anything other than top of the table. City’s astonishing, season-defining six minutes in which they turned a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 victory over

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The First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Buy a Home

For many of us, buying a home is one of the most important — and most expensive — financial decisions we’ll ever make. The first-time home buying process can feel especially daunting if you’re not armed with the information you need to make sound choices.  

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about buying a home for the first time in 11 steps. 

What is a first-time homebuyer? 

Generally speaking, a first-time homebuyer hasn’t owned a home before. That may seem obvious, but the definition of a first-time homebuyer is broader than you might expect. You could also qualify as a first-time homebuyer if you’ve been a homeowner in the past — as long as you haven’t owned a home for at least three years. 

First-time homebuyers are often eligible for specific programs and discounts that can make buying a home more affordable. For example, an FHA loan,

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‘Saints Row’ developers promise that the reboot will still be fun

It was last August that Saints Row developer Volition unveiled its vision for a more grounded reboot of the open-world series. The new title was intended as a swerve away from the series’ trademark preposterousness and juvenalia. Now, with the game set to debut on August 23rd, the team would like to clarify that just because it’s grounded, doesn’t mean it’s not going to be fun. Saints Row hasn’t suddenly become a po-faced exploration of organized crime, and it remains just as cartoonish as you may expect, it’s just a bit more grounded in its cartoonishness.

Last year, Chief Creative Officer Jim Boone and Lead Mission Designer Jeremy Bernstein said that the Saints Row series had burned out its narrative runway. After all, when your character has conquered the Earth, descended into Hell and fought a hair-rock opera duel with the Devil, street-level crime is going to feel

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Heading Upstream to the Social Determinants of Health

There’s a long history to recognizing that social factors shape people’s health. But the social determinants of health are getting more attention than ever. Will that attention turn into action and lasting change?

How is this for a medical scenario? Through her stethoscope, a doctor hears a rattle in Mr. Rodriguez’s chest. “Urban-air congestion!” she declares, flinging the window open and aiming a magic spray at the polluted outdoors. “Two spritzes each morning for a week,” she says, handing her patient the bottle, “and you — and the neighborhood — should be fine.” Ms. Jackson has diabetes of the lives-too-far-from-veggies variety; her doctor gives her a wand she can wave to instantly transform her paved yard into a luxuriant garden with tomatoes, basil, beets and Brussels sprouts. Then there’s Mr. Diefenbaker, whose home is on a remote dirt road. His chronic conditions are worsening because he has trouble coming in

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