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For ‘run it back’ Vikings, 2022 key is simple: Hold the leads you take

You could spend 50 sleepless hours re-watching the entire 2021 Vikings season in an attempt to understand what went wrong, but that would be two entire days of your life you would never get back.

Or … you could watch a three-minute clip from Season 3 of “Seinfeld,” which aired in 1989, for the same effect.

If you choose the former, for some reason, I’ll see you when you are done. If you prefer the latter:

In the scene, Jerry and Elaine are at a car rental booth when Jerry becomes quite annoyed that he made a reservation for a midsize car, only to be told by the woman working at the desk that they are out of midsize cars.

“So you know how to take the reservation,” he says. “You just don’t know how to hold the reservation.”

Substitute “lead” for “reservation” and you have the story of last

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Vroom, Carvana face thousands of complaints

INDIANAPOLIS — Dozens of customers are voicing concern after saying they purchased a vehicle online but didn’t get their title, registration or, in some cases, license plates for months. 

CBS4 spoke with several people across Indiana and out of state who said they regret buying from Vroom and Carvana. 

“The company they’re running is atrocious,” Michael Jergens said. 

Jergens said he bought a 2018 Honda Civic from Vroom. When it arrived, he noticed something wasn’t right. He took it to two different body shops and confirmed it had been in a major front and rear-end collision, even though he said it had been sold to him as an accident-free, one-owner vehicle. 

“There are clear signs of very poor repairs,” he said on camera, as he recorded video of the car. 

Kayla Perez told CBS4 she paid for a 2018 Kia Sportage upfront and got it in December. She explained that

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