All of us know that young drivers are at a higher risk behind the wheel as compared to adults, experienced drivers. 

According to the statistics, 21.6% of the new drivers in the UK get involved in car accidents within the first year of their driving. And, young drivers aged between 17 and 24, account for 39% of the road fatalities. These statistics are enough to keep the young drivers and their parents careful about safe driving. 

But the fact is, even if a person drives carefully, accidents can still happen due to someone’s negligence. In such a situation, insurance is what keeps finances safe and sound. Fortunately, many of the agencies have developed strategies to keep the young drivers safe on the road via car insurance. 

Below is our complete guide to young drivers’ car insurance-

Why Is Car Insurance For Young Drivers More Expensive?

The insurance providers calculate the premiums based on the risk of the driver making a claim. As discussed above, young drivers are at a higher risk of a car crashing than experienced ones. 

So, the reason for sky-high rates of premiums is the risk the insurers take.

But, no need to panic! Getting a cheap car insurance UK isn’t a pipe dream. There are a handful of steps to keep the premiums low-

Choose Your Car Wisely

If you want to get cheap car insurance in the UK, start with choosing the cheapest car models. The insurers place cars in one of the 50 categories based on engine size and power. Cars that are categorized in group one are the cheapest to insure. 

Moreover, some insurers may refuse to cover you if you own an expensive car as a young driver.

Consider A Named Driver Insurance

Either become a named driver on your parent’s policy or add a more experienced driver to yours. But, be careful not to lie about this. Don’t claim that you are a ‘named driver’ if you are the main driver. It is called ‘fronting’ and is considered to be insurance fraud.

Install Black Box Device

Many of the insurers offer discounts to those who have installed a ‘black box’ device, dash-mounted camera, GPS trackers, etc. in their cars. The black box device measures different aspects of your driving, including speed, mileage, and cornering data.

How To Prepare Yourself For Driving As A Young Driver?

Many of the states and insurers require the new drivers to obtain a learner’s permit. Only then they can apply for the car insurance and license. So, it is mandatory to have a learner’s driving license.

Further, your license or the best education on safe driving is useless if you aren’t aware of the rules of the road. In many of the regions, legal authorities impose curfews on the young drivers during weekends or weeknights. Check what rules apply in your area.

Likewise, the authorities’ in-charge may issue tickets to unbuckled drivers or passengers. After such a violation, the insurer may increase the rate of your premium. 

To avoid the hike in your car insurance payment, make sure that you fasten the seat belts while driving. Also, don’t overload your car with passengers.

In case of an accident, don’t be quick at admitting the faults. Accidents are traumatic, and sometimes you can’t be sure about how it occurred. But, make sure to inform the police and your insurance agent immediately after the crash.

Note down every detail, take pictures of the scene or injuries, and keep track of the witnesses’ names or contact numbers. Make sure to document all the repairs, expenses, or damage. 

Even if you take steps to manage it yourself, the opposite party’s insurer may handle a claim. So, keep everything handy as long as they investigate.


These are some of the things to keep in if you are going to apply for a young driver’s car insurance. Check with your insurer for discounts or driver education courses to improve driving safety and lower the car insurance rates. 

By ev3v4hn