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Mini has released pricing information for the 2022 Hardtop Oxford Edition, a value-oriented trim level positioned as the entry point into the range. Offered with two or four doors, it’s surprisingly just as affordable as it was in 2018.

The Oxford Edition is an evolution of the Classic trim, which was updated with a new-look design for 2022. It comes standard with 17-inch wheels, LED headlights, leatherette upholstery, heated front seats, an 8.8-inch touchscreen, a digital instrument cluster, and several electronic driving aids. It’s the cheapest Mini, but it’s clearly not cheap in every sense of the word. Buyers have six exterior colors to choose from, and they can select black or gray wheels.

Oxford Edition models share their drivetrain with the standard Hardtop Cooper. Power comes from a turbocharged, 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, which produces 134 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. It spins the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. Light and nimble, the Cooper is close in spirit to the original Mini.

Pricing for the 2022 Oxford Edition starts at $20,600 for the two-door model and $21,600 for the four-door, figures that include a mandatory $850 destination charge. In comparison, the 2019 models launched in 2018 cost exactly the same; even the destination charge hasn’t increased, which is extremely unusual in the automotive industry.

Mini notes the Oxford Edition represents a $6,150 value. Ordering a standard two-door with the aforementioned features would increase its price to $26,750 including destination, while a four-door would cost $27,750. Buyers willing and able to stretch their budget can order the Oxford Plus package, which bundles a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a panoramic sunroof (two of the Hardtop’s most popular options) for $1,500.

While the first Oxford Edition was initially only for college students and recent graduates, and later also for military members and recent retirees, Mini told Autoblog the 2022 model can be ordered by all buyers regardless of where they work, if they work, and whether they go or went to college. It’s available now across the nation.

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