Seized Classic Corvette Saved From Crusher After Five-Year Legal Battle


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When Richard Martinez bought a lovely two-tone 1959 Chevrolet Corvette for $50,000 in 2016, he was about the moon recognizing that he ultimately purchased his dream vehicle. Martinez brought the auto household to Kansas from the Indiana dealership he obtained it from, but when it arrived time to title the vehicle, the Kansas State Police stepped in, sparking a authorized struggle that has been ongoing since 2017.

An difficulty with the car’s Motor vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate was grounds for civil forfeiture, in accordance to authorities, as it skilled as “contraband” underneath Kansas law. Regardless of Martinez lawfully buying the Corvette and pursuing his state’s need for titling, his C1 was sent to an impound great deal to await its date with the crusher. Five yrs afterwards, Martinez’s scenario is still pending, but a law passed earlier this calendar year with Martinez’s predicament in mind looks to have finally saved his car.

screenshot by way of KCTV

In advance of we get into the legislation that proficiently saved Martinez’s Corvette, it truly is essential to have an understanding of just what went completely wrong and how an owner who has committed no crime can be issue to seizure.

In accordance to Kansas condition law, a resident who purchases a automobile from another state need to have the motor vehicle inspected by the Kansas Freeway Patrol (KPH) prior to a Kansas title becoming issued. This required system is meant to inspect the vehicle’s VIN plate to support slash down on the trafficking of stolen cars and trucks and areas.

When inspecting Martinez’s Corvette, it became apparent to the inspector that there was a difficulty with the VIN plate: it was pop-riveted in spot.

Whilst this may possibly not seem to be like a enormous difficulty, it was the suggestion that indicated to the KHP inspector that the VIN plate experienced been taken out at some level. From the manufacturing facility, the VIN plate would have been attached to the hinge pillar with two Phillips head screws—you know, the types that can be turned by a screwdriver in its place of staying forever affixed in area with rivets—for vehicles created involving 1953 and 1960.

The VIN plate for the C1 Corvette was held in by two screws. Martinez’s experienced rivets., screenshot by means of Youtube (KCTV)

In accordance to Martinez, the unique VIN plate was taken out and subsequently reattached through restoration. This is frequent among the restored classics, nor is it federally unlawful for this intent. Nevertheless, the KHP’s concerns particularly stem from the VIN plate becoming taken out at some issue through the car’s lifetime, which is even now unlawful below Kansas point out law.

That lifted a red flag for the KHP inspector and Martinez’s vehicle was marked for more critique in accordance with the test method. The police then quickly seized the Corvette and moved it to an impound whole lot in Topeka, Kansas, where by it is continue to getting saved, awaiting ultimate orders from Choose James Vano who is presiding more than the scenario.

What complicates Martinez’s problem is that the automobile was not a finish amount-matching vehicle. The C1’s first motor experienced been replaced at some issue, indicating that the VIN stamped on the engine block did not match the a single on the chassis. Furthermore, the state police claimed that there was an problem with the “top secret” VIN stamping below the auto. These mystery VIN numbers are generally used by regulation enforcement to aid in theft recoveries when other VIN stampings are obliterated or changed. On Martinez’s Corvette, this stamping is on the body rail seen from beneath of the automobile making use of a mirror (you can see a handful of illustrations of the C1’s “secret” VIN listed here).

Nevertheless, Martinez states that the FBI verified that the car or truck was not stolen, so what’s the significant deal?

In accordance to the KHP, Martinez’s C1 Corvette—the exact one particular that he preferred since he was a teenager—is deemed to be contraband especially for the reason that the VIN experienced been taken off and reinstalled for restoration prior to his ownership. And as these types of, Kansas law calls for the vehicle to be destroyed.

These problems have led to the KHP not being “glad” that the car contained no stolen components, a expression which Samuel MacRoberts of the Kansas Justice Institute claims is “unconstitutionally obscure.”

MacRoberts is the litigation director for the Kansas Justice Institute, a non-profit, community-desire litigation business that fights govt overreach in Kansas. While the organization is not straight involved in the litigation, it submitted an amicus temporary with Kansas prosecutors very last 12 months to categorical its belief that the state’s enactment of civil forfeiture against Martinez is unjust.

Kansas Justice Institute‘s Amicus Quick in assistance of the defendant, the 1959 Corvette.

Kansas prosecutors have not named Martinez as an at-fault celebration. The defendant is listed as “1959 Chevrolet Corvette, VIN#J59S103191,” and Martinez is, by the admission of the point out alone, “an harmless operator” in the matter.

“When the federal government is aware of another person is harmless, they shouldn’t use their energy and methods to just take their home,” MacRoberts stated. “Kansas’ forfeiture laws are to blame. The United States and Kansas Constitutions do not permit the government to acknowledge a person’s innocence, on the a single hand, and then with the other, declare the harmless person’s residence ‘contraband’ and get it.”

This does not show up to have been the initially time that these an concern has come up. A submit from 2010 on the Antique Automobile Club of The us discussion board describes a next-hand knowledge that exclusively phone calls out Kansas law for demanding the initial rivets to be reused, else the car or truck be investigated no matter if it matches the state’s definition of contraband.

In February, state legislators crafted a invoice that would aid proprietors like Martinez who locate on their own in lawful limbo. The invoice successfully taken out the VIN inspection necessity from motor vehicles with the model yr of 1960 or more mature, letting proprietors to use the bill of sale and state title application as evidence of ownership. It was formally signed into legislation in March and turned helpful previous month.

On July 13, Martinez went back again to courtroom. Reps from the Kansas Highway Patrol and the Kansas Section of Earnings had been present at the demo and agreed that due to the fact HB 2595 is powerful as legislation, Martinez should have his motor vehicle returned to him and titled.

Though this is a big move in the proper route, Martinez however hasn’t had his desire Corvette for more than 5 a long time. The once beautifully restored vehicle experienced an estimated $28,000 in problems from sitting down in the impound great deal, together with indications of influence harm, cracks in the fiberglass body, and harm to trim. In the meantime, Martinez has accrued $30,000 in lawful charges. The bench notes for the case point out that the damages incurred by Martinez are restricted by statute at $20,000, so he however may possibly not be made completely entire by the time the demo ends, but he really should at minimum have his auto back again.

Vano identified as for all parties to file their last supplemental pleadings to their closing arguments to tackle the alterations to the legislation right before the close of the thirty day period, and Martinez is returned his vehicle with out realistic delay. Martinez suggests that even with all of the problems, he’s ready to toss a bash at the thought of eventually finding to provide his C1 Corvette house.

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