3 Top Auto Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Long Haul

Now that automotive-industry companies Goodyear ( GT 2.11% ), Magna International ( MGA 3.62% ), and Autoliv ( ALV 1.15% ) have released their fourth-quarter earnings, investors can reassess their growth prospects for 2022 and beyond, and determine if they look like good values. In all three cases, I think the answer to this question is “yes” — investors looking for auto industry exposure should find these companies’ stocks attractive.

There are three main arguments in favor of picking up these stocks:

  • After a challenging few years that featured slowing production of light vehicles globally, followed by the pandemic and a chip shortage that further hindered manufacturing, automakers are set to increase production over the next several years as these issues ease. 
  • Although light vehicle production should grow in the low single-digit percentages after the recovery period, the transition to electric vehicles (EV) offers significant growth prospects for
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Top 3 Automotive Stocks For 2022

The global automotive industry is at an interesting crossroads heading into 2022. Supply chain constraints have reduced the number of new vehicles available for purchase, which has certainly had a negative impact on earnings for some of the major players in the industry. With that said, some analysts believe that the semiconductor shortage won’t get any worse going forward. If automakers are able to produce even a fraction more than the number of vehicles manufactured in 2021, we could see some big earnings coming out of the top names in the sector.

Investors should also consider the rapidly increasing demand for electric vehicles that could drive profits for many automotive companies next year and beyond. The entire industry will undergo a massive shift as this technology continues to evolve, and the fact that President Joe Biden will be investing billions to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs should give investors

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3 Undervalued And Under-the-Radar Automotive Stocks

Results Drive These Automotive Stocks Higher 

The automotive industry is struggling with systemic issues but, by all accounts, still doing quite well. While the major OEMs are cutting back on production sales remain robust and the outlook for the industry is healthy. Today, we’re looking at three under-the-radar stocks in the automotive industry benefiting from strong secular demand. One thing these companies have in common is better than expected results but there are other commonalities as well. They also all pay safe dividends and trade a discount relative to the broad market, and they are all investing in growth. contributor/ – MarketBeat

Patrick Industries, Supplier To The RV Market 

Patrick Industries (NASDAQ: PATK) is not a pure-play on the automotive industry but it is sitting pretty as a manufacturer of parts and components for the RV industry. The RV industry is growing at a high-double-digit rate and momentum appears

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4 Top Auto Stocks to Buy for the Long Haul

Car sales will total nearly 70 million vehicles worldwide this year, adding to the roughly 1.4 billion autos on the road across the globe. The automotive industry is massive and has grown and evolved quite a bit since the late 1800s when Karl Benz began selling his first handmade cars.

Vehicle evolution has been a constant throughout the industry’s history and it is arguably experiencing more changes now than ever before. Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining mainstream appeal, creating the first significant challenge to powertrain technology since the combustion engine effectively created the automotive industry as we know it. There are several companies working to take advantage of this shift in the industry.

Let’s take a look at four automotive stocks that are poised to succeed over the long haul because their companies are adapting to the changing times.

Worker inspecting a vehicle in a manufacturing plant.

Image source: Getty Images.

1. Tesla: The electric vehicle pioneer


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