Fuel Cells Could Be the Future: Here Are Three Stocks That Can Cash In

The automotive industry is going green, and it appears over the next few decades the tried and true internal combustion engine will become a thing of the past.

Right now, electric vehicles are the primary replacement. But there are other options. Hyundai Motor Group (OTC:HYMTF) this week said it plans to offer hydrogen fuel cell versions of all of its commercial vehicles as soon as 2028, and predicted fuel cell vehicles could hit cost parity with battery electric vehicles by the end of the decade.

Hyundai’s claim was met with a good bit of skepticism, and to be sure fuel cells have a long way to go if they are to reach the company’s ambitious 2030 goal. But if it is right, there are a lot of companies that would benefit. Here’s why three contributors will be paying close attention to General Motors (NYSE:GM),

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Travel And Leisure Stocks Bounce Back

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Volkswagen Is Coming After Tesla. What It Means for Both Stocks.

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The charging point on a Volkswagen electric automobile.

Liesa Johannssen-Koppitz/Bloomberg


wants to be the leader in electric vehicles around the world. It isn’t satisfied playing Pepsi to Tesla’s


The German auto-making giant laid out updated EV ambitions over the past couple of days, at an investor event and a shareholder meeting.


(ticker: VOW.Germany) has always had big EV goals, but the company is doubling down on an all-electric personal transportation future.

In particular, the company announced plans to build six gigafactories by 2030. A gigafactory has become industry jargon for a battery plant, thanks to


(TSLA). Gigafactory is what Tesla called its huge Nevada battery facility built with



Volkswagen’s battery plants should have the capacity to manufacture 240 gigawatt hours of batteries each year. Giga is short for a billion, but what investors need to know is that that level of

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All the Electric Vehicle Stocks You Can Invest in Right Now — and 3 Top Picks

The automotive industry is going electric at a frantic pace, with new companies seemingly coming on the scene daily. It can be difficult for even the most dedicated auto investor to keep up with the action.

We Fools appreciate as well as anyone how tough it can be to sort through the ever-growing list of public companies involved in electric vehicle production and support. With that in mind, we created a list of who’s who to help guide you (and us) through the sector. 

Here’s a list of the many options available to investors interested in EVs, and three stocks that Foolish contributors are keeping their eyes on as potential long-term winners. 

EV makers (or start-ups planning to make electric vehicles)

Pure-play suppliers of EV components

  • Hyliion (NYSE:HYLN) – heavy-truck drivetrains
  • Romeo Power (NYSE:RMO) – batteries for big trucks, buses, construction equipment
  • QuantumScape (NYSE:QS)
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