Experts tell who benefits from govt’s electric vehicle incentives

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The government’s announcement in the 2022 budget on the giving of incentives to electric vehicle (EV) owners does not mean that the price of such cars will drop to the point that they become affordable for all segments of society, experts in the automotive industry say.

Speaking to MalaysiaNow, they said while prices might go down, they would still top hundreds of thousands of ringgit, making EVs accessible only to the rich.

They also said that the government’s intention in announcing the incentives was to help industry players given the lacklustre sale of EVs in the country.

Chips Yap said the new technology used in the production of EVs is what makes them more expensive than traditional cars which run on fuel.

He said car manufacturers have spent billions of ringgit on research and development and are still unable to raise investment capital.

“It’s not the

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Defining Automated Vehicle Systems in SAE J 3016-2021

Definitions relating to automated driving systems and details on the SAE levels of driving automation can be found in SAE J 3016-2021: Taxonomy And Definitions For Terms Related To Driving Automation Systems For On-Road Motor Vehicles.

The Emergence of Automated Driving Systems

As technology consistently follows a pattern of upward progression, concepts once unique to science fiction are manifesting in reality. One formerly-fictional concept now emerging in the automotive industry is automated driving.

Automated driving systems in vehicles are often called one of several interchangeable names, either in their sci-fi origins or in modern colloquial usage, including “self-driving cars,” “driverless cars,” or “automated vehicles.” These terms have burgeoned in usage in recent years due to numerous industry leaders and pioneers exploring the possibility of realistically implementing them in the near future.

However, these endeavors unearth uncertainty. Companies are trying to find where to begin and what factors to consider.

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Related Vehicle Services

Automotive provide chains are advanced, and rely upon many suppliers from disparate areas to be in sync. Shortage of even a single element can hold up a whole manufacturing line, leading to stock and cashflow backlogs. Unless the entire provide chain is up and running smoothly, vehicle manufacturing will remain challenging and constrained.

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Automotive Cybersecurity

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Intel in talks with automakers to produce vehicle chips as shortages bite

In a nutshell: Intel wants to step in and help the automotive industry by creating chips for vehicles. CEO Pat Gelsinger said the company aims to produce the silicon within six to nine months.

We heard last week that Gelsinger was one of several executives from top chipmakers and auto manufacturers set to meet with high-level officials within the Biden administration to discuss the semiconductor supply chain issues. Execs from Dell, Samsung, Ford, HP, AT&T, Alphabet, General Motors, and others attended the April 12 meeting.

Following yesterday’s gathering, Gelsinger said Intel was talking to companies that design chips for automakers about manufacturing them in its fabs. The CEO last month unveiled plans to open up the company’s current and planned manufacturing capacity to other chipmakers through the launch of Intel Foundry Services.

Intel is spending $20 billion on two new state-of-the-art fabs focused on EUV-based (extreme ultraviolet) process technologies at

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