Day: November 8, 2021

The Women Automotive Network: Addressing Disruption In The Automotive Industry

Across the globe, we’ve all experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s impact on us and society as a whole is fairly evident, but HOW has the pandemic affected the automotive industry? And WHAT are people doing about it? And also, with the rise in eco-consciousness, how is the automotive industry leveraging this opportunity?

2021’s “Winter Meetup” (hosted by The Women Automotive Network) is taking place virtually on the 23rd November 2021, and it promises to address Disruption in a big way.

The event will feature talks from senior automotive professionals from a wide range of automotive leaders, including: Roland Berger, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Peugeot UK, Volvo, Vodafone, Porsche, Flex, Bose, TE Connectivity, Boston Consultancy Group, and more.

This year’s “Winter Meetup” is the 5th event in the series, and is expected to welcome 500+ automotive professionals from across the globe to one place. Hasmeet Kaur (the Principal at Roland Berger) will be

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