Day: December 4, 2021

How The Automotive Industry Is Driving Toward A Sustainable Future

By Thomas Pohl, Senior Director Marketing, Automotive, SAP

The automotive industry is racing into a new world of mobility and sustainability – and technology is the key to helping automakers achieve both.

The automotive industry is still dealing with supply chain and shipping disruptions resulting from the pandemic, in addition to ongoing parts and semi-conductor shortages. Despite these lingering disruptions, both internal and external pressures are propelling the industry toward the next normal with advanced mobility and more sustainable practices.

Sustainable Evolution of the Auto Industry

Historically, the automotive industry has not focused on sustainable practices. Traditional assembly-line manufacturing processes – many still in use today – use huge amounts of energy, metals, plastics, toxins, and manpower; all leaving behind a massive carbon footprint.

On top of that, once vehicles are produced, most require fossil fuels to operate, which subsequently releases harmful emissions. The entire process has a vast

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