Who states drug sellers you should not care about the setting? Well, that’s type of a joke, and enable me inform you why. It turns out that auto batteries have become a well known spot to store illegal prescription drugs attempting to cross the border, and vacation all over the place. Contemplate if you will how quite a few batteries are in a hybrid vehicle these days, and each individual just one of these batteries has numerous cells which can be filled with contraband. No, I am not providing any secrets and techniques away to the drug sellers, they currently know this trick, for the reason that they have been working with it extra generally these times.

Of class, now the authorities are on to them, and I suppose if you have a Toyota Prius you could get stopped at the border when they lookup via your batteries, or have the pet dogs arrive in to sniff all-around. It is astounding how very innovative and resourceful these individuals are with their smuggling, can you picture if they would choose that creativeness and innovation and utilize it to some new type of business in some substantial-tech industry? Picture how a great deal cash they could make, and what an amazing return on investment decision they could have with all that funds they’ve currently produced.

Of system, they’re not just putting medications inside the batteries any longer, they are driving these hybrid vehicles back across the border with cash stuck in all those dried out battery cells, dollars that they have created from advertising these prescription drugs on this aspect of the border. Back again to my joke obviously the drug dealers do care about hybrid cars and trucks and alternate electrical power, mainly because it has created, nicely up till now, a awesome sneaky address to shift their products and revenue. People days are in excess of since the Office of Homeland Protection is on the scene observing for these factors, and the border patrol also is familiar with what is heading on.

Currently, matters have been tricky in the genuine battery business, and quite a few of the large Section of Strength grants and financial loans have not panned out, or manufactured the careers that have been anticipated from that financial stimulus. For occasion, A123 Units Battery Firm has submitted individual bankruptcy, alongside with various other individuals, and only two of the companies getting 6 of the quite huge DOE grants have been capable to fulfill their promises, pledges, or obligations for hiring following accepting that revenue.

In fact, there was an fascinating article in the Wall Avenue Journal on this matter printed on March 31, 2012 titled “Car Battery Commence-Ups Fizzle,” by Mike Ramsey” which is quite a great deal truly worth looking through.

Possibly the drug cartels can get into the hybrid car battery small business, and go legit – just kidding. They could possibly make additional income in the conclude, and also keep on supporting the substitute electrical power and hybrid automobile sector. Maybe you have a sense of humor your self, and you could possibly see the irony in all this. Remember to think on it.

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