There are a lot of that are contemplating acquiring an aftermarket muffler for their auto. There is a ton to pick out from out there, all with their special rewards and audio. I ordered the Flowmaster Tremendous 40 Sequence Muffler. Flowmaster promises it to be one particular of their loudest, higher stream mufflers. According to “The Super 40 has that “deep powerful” seem of the primary 40 series but with all the rewards of general performance and low inside resonance from the “Delta Circulation technological know-how.” I have to say that I agree with the actuality that it has a deep impressive seem, nevertheless, the inside resonance is major. I have not listened to the inside resonance of a delta stream, but the Tremendous 40 Series however has pretty a bit of interior resonance.

I place this muffler on a 2001 Toyota Tundra 4.7 Liter V8. I requested the muffler on the internet, and when it came I took it and the truck to a regional muffler shop and experienced it installed. The store just lower out the stock muffler and set up the new a single. The resonator was remaining on your own. I also added a stainless steel suggestion. From working day 1, I have been quite impressed with the seem of it.

Between.5 & 2 RPM’s the sound is pretty throaty and deep, specifically when I an genuinely on it, nevertheless as my RPM’s enhance previously mentioned 2.5, the seem from the cab get a very little quieter and the rev of the engine requires around the audio from the tail pipe. It continue to appears genuinely fantastic in my feeling, it is really just not pretty what I expected.

As much as general performance is concerned, I experience that I have dropped a minimal small stop electricity. With significant move mufflers like this a person, this can be typical. The horsepower gains that are claimed are genuine, having said that, the enhanced horsepower is discovered at the greater RPMs. The reduction in lower stop electricity is sufficient for me to see, but not enough to make a great deal of a difference. (I’m picky)

I have not observed an raise in MPGs. I was hoping that I would, but it remained unchanged. (even with a K&N drop in air filter). I go on to get involving 16 and 18 MPG.


* Deep throaty audio in the taxi and out.

* Wonderful price tag.

* Enhanced electrical power (large RPMs).


* Not a stainless steel construction, as an alternative it is painted. Just after various months of use, the wonderful black paint has almost all burnt off.

* All over 65 – 70 mph, there is interior resonance that I just you should not like. It goes away at about 72 mph, so not a major offer. I appreciated it at to start with, but receives bothersome just after a whilst.

General, the Flowmaster Tremendous 40 is a fantastic product. I truly like the sound of this muffler. It is deep, and sleek. It’s not raspy and “rackety”. It generates a impressive audio and really lets you hear the beast that the 4.7 Liter i-drive is. It really is just one of the most effective Toyota aftermarket components I have obtained.

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