Coloration Matched Harley Davidson Fairings Body Parts

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Ford to delay launch of new Bronco as pandemic drives parts supply shortages

Ford will delay until next summer the launch of one of its most eagerly awaited new products, the Bronco SUV, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the automaker announced.

Like other automotive manufacturers, Ford has faced serious challenges keeping its factories running smoothly during the pandemic, and said the delay in the launch of the Bronco is the result of “Covid-19-related challenges our suppliers are experiencing.”

Separately, the second-largest of the Detroit automakers informed contract workers on Friday that they would have their commitments terminated by the end of the year. Ford has relied on contractors to flesh out its staff, particularly in its engineering departments. The company would not disclose how many of the workers will be impacted.

The 2021 model-year is a big one for Ford, with the automaker launching four major product lines including the all-new Mustang Mach-E battery-electric vehicle, a complete makeover of the F-150 pickup truck,

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Hyundai Palisade, Genesis GV80 Production Stops Due To Lack Of Parts

This isn’t the first production stoppage for the automaker.

Production of the Hyundai Palisade and Genesis GV80 stopped earlier this week because there weren’t enough parts. The report from doesn’t specify why production stopped on Monday, June 15. However, the publication did note that the Palisade and GV80 production stoppage comes after three assembly lines – two at Hyundai’s Ulsan 2 plant and one at Ulsan 4 – were shut down after a parts supplier employee passed away from what’s believed to be the coronavirus.

Production stoppages have plagued the South Korean automaker since the pandemic began. Back in February, production ground to a halt due to a shortage of wiring harnesses. At the time, the Chinese suppliers struggled to meet demand due to the pandemic, and disruptions appear to be continuing. As governments ease restrictions and employees return to work, the coronavirus is still spreading, causing such hiccups.

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