Month: June 2020

Jessi Combs Named ‘Fastest Woman On Earth’ By Guinness World Records

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She did it!

It’s official. Jessi Combs, the late television host and race car driver, has been officially awarded the record holder of “Fastest Woman on Earth” posthumously by Guinness Book of World Records.

Last August 27th, 2019, Combs was in the Alvord Desert in Oregon with one main goal in mind – to break the female fastest land speed record. Tragically, Combs died while trying to set this record.

Combs was able to reach of speed of 522.783 miles per hour in a four-wheeled North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger. She broke a record that was set over 40 years ago. The previous record holder would be Kitty O’Neil who grabbed that title back in 1976 while piloting a jet-powered car with three wheels and reached a speed of 512.7 mph. Jessi Combs used that same Supersonic Challenger back in 2013 which

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The F-150 Reveal Is About More Than Lie-Flat Seats

From Car and Driver

  • Ford unveiled the fourteenth-generation F-150 this week, showcasing a luxurious new interior and a new hybrid powertrain.
  • This will be the first Ford vehicle to support over-the-air updates, part of a planned Ford strategy to save money on warranties and monetize customer data.
  • This type of software-based tracking and data monetization has been in the works at Ford for years.

The American automotive industry runs on pickups. They account for a huge proportion of the vehicles sold in this country every year (18 percent of new cars sold, in 2019), and their large profit margins make them even more important to manufacturers’ bottom lines. In the case of Ford, whose F-150 made up almost 40 percent of its sales in 2019 and whose bungled launch of the Explorer contributed to a dismal financial report last year, that goes double.

At first glance, the F-150’s quinquennial makeover

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Motorsport Network Announces Head Of Motorsport Jobs

World’s largest integrated Racing and Automotive digital media house expands careers platform into the Automotive recruitment market.

London, UK – June 23, 2020 – Motorsport Network, the integrated digital platform that is the destination of choice for millions of automotive and racing fans, is delighted to announce Richard Brown as the new head of Motorsport Jobs.

Motorsport Jobs has currently over 800 customers in Racing across global racing teams, industry, and candidate databases and is now looking to expand into the Automotive and electric mobility market.

Motorsport Jobs has been matching companies with skilled motorsport professionals for 67 years in Autosport magazine and more recently via the digital domain created when Motorsport Network acquired Autosport in 2016.  It is dedicated to providing a global platform to help companies in the industry find their perfect candidates, bringing specialist knowledge of the industry with a recruitment product that is designed

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World Steel May Production Slumps Despite Record China Output

Global crude steel production took a tumble in May as disruptions associated with the coronavirus pandemic hurt output across the world and crippled demand in major steel-consuming sectors. A surge in production from China to a new record high was more than offset by declines across other major producers.

Per the latest World Steel Association (“WSA”) report, crude steel production for 64 reporting nations plummeted 8.7% year over year to 148.8 million tons (Mt) in May. Notably, output declined in every region during the reported month.

China Churns Out Record Production

Crude steel production from China — the world’s biggest steel producer — shot up in May to an all-time high on an uptick in demand from construction and manufacturing sectors as the country continues its gradual recovery from the fallout of the pandemic. Per the WSA, production in China, which now accounts for more than 60% of the global

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