Have you ever had your auto just “die” on you, you check out to start off it and it just   will not commence.  You close up contacting a tow truck and paying these large tow expenditures, then to make issues worse the technician at the shop tells you that it will price hundreds of dollars to make it run yet again,is that true? Probably probably not.
I possess and get the job done as a diagnostics Tech right here at Ace Automotive in Lakewood Wa and I can notify you from expertise if some men and women understood just a tiny a lot more about their vehicles workings they could save a full lotta revenue.  Say for instance you are driving at evening wipers and heater ,lights and radio on you discover that the headlights keep having dimmer and dimmer shortly the motor vehicle “dies” and now won’t commence the most likely cause is the alternator has failed, not the battery mainly because if the battery unsuccessful the alternator would even now preserve power to the automobile until finally you turned it off then it would not restart.
You are driving for a although and the car just “shuts off” all the instrument lights come on but when you check out to begin it it just turns over but will not start off. 1st it depends what type of motor vehicle this occurred to if it was an import like say Honda, acura, toyota, subaru, nissan, mitubishi, the motor timing belt might have broken (if it is really been much more that 60,000 miles considering the fact that you adjusted it very last time) you really should be capable to tell if when you try out to begin the engine it appears different like its just “freewheeling” faster than usual, this is negative bring about most of the import cars and trucks stated will do pricey injury to the motor when the timing belt breaks.
If your car is a domestic a single chevy ford etcetera, be client hold out a very little little bit it’s possible 30-45 min and try out to commence it if it starts hurray! But it will “die” once again once it is sizzling ample once again, be certain to tell your area tech this worthwhile data and inquire for all parts they change to maintenance your vehicle to allow them know you know a little something about the car or truck as well.

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