Day: May 16, 2020

Semiconductor-based electronics make up 40% of a car’s cost

27 February 2020, Bavaria, Regensburg: A Continental employee checks a circuit board for a vehicle control unit in the electronics production department at the Continental plant. (Photo by Armin Weigel/picture alliance via Getty Images)


A new white paper from consulting firm Deloitte on the semiconductor industry puts hard numbers to the cost of semiconductors and electronics in the automotive industry. Any auto enthusiast could have correctly guessed the trend based on the annual list of new tech features showing up in entry-level and flagship offerings. The marquee number is likely still a surprise: as summarized by Car and Driver, the paper notes that as of 2017, electronics systems powered by semiconductor-based chips comprised 40% of the cost of a new car. That was up from 18% in 2000, 20% in 2007, and is projected to reach 45% come 2030. The cost of the base semiconductors that enable the systems

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Take a Virtual Tour of Luxury Automobile History

All over the world, car museums are beloved for their documentation and preservation of the automotive industry’s wonders and charm. Cars are sculptural objects—a manifestation of the drive for speed, efficiency, authority, and beauty—and, like most three-dimensional forms, are best appreciated when viewed in person. But given the necessary limitations on movement and gathering wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, these sites are currently closed. Fortunately, for those of us who love cars, or simply need a fresh distraction, many of the world’s leading automotive museums have digitized their holdings and are offering virtual tours of their facilities during this crisis. The sites below all focus on the glories of wheeled transportation, but each comes at its mission very differently, reflecting the diversity and wonder of the automobile. Join us in a tour.

<cite class="credit">Image courtesy the Petersen.</cite>
Image courtesy the Petersen.

The Petersen was founded in Los Angeles by automotive publishing magnate Robert Petersen

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MG PH offers 3 custom backgrounds for video conferences

Slowly and steadily, MG is earning a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the local automotive industry. With the backing of The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI), it’s easy to say that the British car brand’s success is pretty much expected.

For sure, impressive releases such as the ZS, RX5, and MG6 fastback sedan have solidified MG’s reputation for building stylish, practical cars. Now, MG gives its fans a chance to profess their love for the brand with three custom online video conference backgrounds proudly bearing the MG name.

TCCCI understands the COVID-19 pandemic all too well, itself halting operations at its Luzon dealerships beginning March 17 to comply with the government’s enhanced community quarantine measures. The situation has, among others things, compelled a lot of employees to work from home, a setup that invites a lot of teleconferencing calls. Thanks to this

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Epic’s Tim Sweeney reveals a more connected, ‘Fortnite’-driven, game-unified world

Epic Games created a mock PlayStation 5 game to show off its Unreal Engine 5. <span class="copyright">(Epic Games)</span>
Epic Games created a mock PlayStation 5 game to show off its Unreal Engine 5. (Epic Games)

Pandemic-era previews of next-generation home console games have been sporadic and short so far, but “Fortnite” creator Epic Games has offered a glimpse at what a game running on Sony’s PlayStation 5 could look like. Unveiling an update to the public for its game creation suite the Unreal Engine on Wednesday, the North Carolina company pulled back the curtain on the potential future of games, showcasing a tech demo of a fictional “Tomb Raider”-esque game.

Epic’s key promise is that its Unreal Engine 5, due in early 2021, will essentially render cinematic-quality, CGI-like effects in real time, complete with realistic lighting that had previously been more hardware-driven. Even in the current generation of high-tech games there’s a difference between strictly narrative scenes and game-play moments. But eventually, promises Epic, those barriers will be

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